Small amounts of money, when put in the hands of right people, go far in the developing world.

The GCT 99 Scholarship mainly targets the Students of GCT. It was started as a Decennial Activity of 1999-2003 Electronics and Communication Batch Students of Govt College of Technology (GCT) when they wanted to support the Juniors financially (for the deserved and needy students) every year.

This scholarship is a part of Alumni Fund Raiser and will pay the TUITION fees for the eligible and deserving student(s). It was formed mainly to decrease the number of drop outs in the college

Based on the interest earned on deposits every year, the scholarship may be extended to sponsor a student fully or partially. (i.e Hostel Fee, Mess Bill, Exam Fee , Books and other misc expenses)

Facts and History

  • Almost 3-4 students in every department in GCT are in need of financial assistance (as per a survey of scholarship applications received in September 2013)
  • Every year, atleast one student discontinues from the college due to their financial background
  • The number of students joining the college from rural background with similar financial state is increasing every year as there is no common entrance examination and the rural students scored good marks in Higher Secondary Examination
  • This new trend is also being created because the college tution and boarding fees are very less in GCT compared to other institutions.
  • All the contributions received ealier from the alumni of GCT have been disbursed to keep the current scholarships alive. No corpus fund has been built or invested.

Financials : Fund Rising

  • To institute the scholarship, you can donate a sum of money towards the corpus fund decicated for this scholarship.
  • The corpus fund will be deposited as a term deposit with a Bank.
  • You may contribute on a regular/recurring basis also.
  • You can also refer this trust to their colleagues / friends to raise the money by showing the real facts of the college and the importance of education.
  • The interest earned from the term deposit every year will be used to sponsor the student (either partial or full) through this programme

Eligibility Criteria

Students applying for this scholarship should

  • Be a student of GCT (ECE Stream will be preferred)
  • Not be already be receiving any other scholarship or any financial aid
  • Meet all other eligibility criteria as defined and directed by the GCT Alumni Association will also be applied

Mandatory Documents

The following documents are required to apply for this scholarship.

  • Application form / Requisition Letter for scholarship
  • Supporting documents for the financial aid like Income Certificate
  • Supporting documents for Educational Background (Marks Cards, TC , Conduct Certificate, etc)

Selection Process

  • The trust will seek the help of the Faculty members of GCT to scrutinize the applications and identify the eligible student.
  • The usual and the current selection process by the Alumni Secretory will be followed and the list of students who are eligible for the scholarship will be sent to the trust every year.
  • The members/Selection committee panel of the GCT 99 - Scholarship of the trust will go through the list and identify the appropriate student.
  • The identified Student(s) Tuition fee will be paid by the Trust to the college directly through GCT Alumni Account.
  • In case of the full sponsor, the entire applicable fee for the student will be paid by the trust to the college directly through the GCT Alumni Account.

Illankadhir programme was introduced to improve the standards of rural education system and to support rural students in their financial and other educational needs

Financials – Fund Raising

  • The trust receives the donations from different sources and raises a suitable amount of money
  • The principal amount collected will be deposited as a term deposit
  • The volunteers / members will refer this trust to their colleagues / friends to raise the money by showing the ground real facts of schools in villages and the importance of education.
  • The interest incurred from the term deposit every year will be used for the activities planned.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student of a rural school
  • Lives in a rural locality

Selection Process

  • The members will get the inputs of such a student from their referee (volunteers), friends and neighbours
  • After the physical background verification of the family and education of the student, he/she will be identified for the Illankadhir.
  • The program covers the educational expenses of the student either partially of fully such as School Fees, Books, Note Books, Exam Fees, Tuition Fees and other misc expenses.


Apart from sponsoring a child in rural schools, Illankadhir Iyyakkam also targets the following activities

  • Proper Class Room Environment
  • Small libraries
  • Small learning centers with visual aid equipment
  • Accessibility and commute to the schools easily

Personality and Soft Skills Development is a part of the non-commercial based project initiated to improve the soft skills of rural students and to promote the confidence of the students in the corporate society. The motivation behind this programme is to prevent students from dropping out due to lack of confidence and inability to cope up with demands of the new education system.

  • A team of like-minded individuals will be formed for this cause.
  • Team identifies the students or group of students in colleges who could be benefitted by this program
  • Experts will be called to train the set of students to improve their skills
  • The training may be done on-site (where they are studying) or in established learning centres nearby based on the approval, time, constraint and budget.
  • The training and operating costs for this programme are covered by the trainers / experts / volunteers themselves or adjusted in the interest incurred in the term deposit(s).